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We wanted a place to represent the struggle of life and the Mercy of God - so the contrasting pictures in this one we believe are not only beautiful but define what the song is about. One part is a street heading directly to the Dead Sea - a baron street, with ruins and vandalism around - we believe remnants of British occupied territory in the early 1900's. The Other - The Via Dolorosa from in Jerusalem, the street that is widely accepted as to where Jesus walked carrying his cross on the greatest ever journey of Mercy...

Song Lyrics:

Tired of endless walking
Not knowing which way to go
I collapsed on a street called mercy
I was found in You

Throwing Your arms around me
You held me like I was Yours
Like You'd been there the whole time waiting
I was found in You

Wrapped up in scarlet kindness
You welcomed this sinner home
Now I breathe in the air of heaven
All I want is You

Keep me within Your shadow
Lord tether my heart to Yours
I want nothing without Your presence
All I want is You

You are all I want
You are all I need
Every breath I take
Is a breath to say
I am Yours now forever

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