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This is a song sung from the perspective of God to one of His children in ministry. Specifically someone who is called to go to a city, fall in love with the people, lay their life down for them, and then is called to do it again in another city. And another. And another. It is a song for modern day apostles who have given their all. Who go beyond their breaking point. All for Jesus. Light45 is an original rock/worship band from Rochester, MN. Justin (vocals, guitar) and Mark (bass) are founding members. Critter (drums) joined a few years later, solidifying the band’s powerful rock sound (as well as earning the respect of beard lovers everywhere). Light45’s first single, "Steeped", went to #5 on Billboard’s Christian Rock Chart, and was on the chart for a total of 16 weeks. Their second single "The Maze" went to #23. The music video for "The Maze" was released on Facebook and had over 9,000 views in 24 hours. They have been featured by The Christian Rock 20, appeared on syndicated shows such as The Z-Rock Radio Revolution. They once performed live on KTTC news, with a viewership of 100,000. They have opened for such powerhouse bands as Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Unspoken, KJ-52, Bread of Stone, Spoken, and played as a headliner for many shows and festivals. Light45 has a unique view on writing music. They believe the song should show us where to go, and their responsibility is to help guide it, regardless of style. For this reason their songs range from hard rock, to pop rock, to worship, to reggae. As a result, Light45 has something for everyone. They are an original rock band that defies definition for the sake of creating enjoyable music. A rock band for true music fans.

Song Lyrics:

When you’re weak
When you’re tied
When you feel nothing left inside

I’ll be the one you hold
The soldier at your side
I’ll be the one you come to
I’ll be the place you hide

And if you’re dead inside
I’ll be bringing you back to life

Oh Oh Oh Oh

I’m the King of Kings, your everything
I took it all for you
I took it all for you

And if you’re scared inside
I’ll be bringing you back to life

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Love, We’ll get you back on top
Would you hold me tight?

I’ll be bringing you back to life

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