(Featuring Gordon Chambers)

Michael Stosic’s musical career began back in 1986 in the Gospel music world when he recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled Brand New Love, which became an instant hit with listeners on the West Coast due to play from Spirit 105.3FM KCMS Radio. Soon after the release of his debut album, Stosic’s second album, Symphony of Praise, reached listeners all across America and 118 other countries including Communist China. The success and response to Michael Stosic’s songs in the Christian music world became evident to him after the release of his third studio album, Psalms of the Heart, in 1992, when he started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America who gave him praise for his music.

Now, in November of 2016, Michael is promoting his new single entitled “I Believe” (Gospel Remix). Michael is joined by Grammy-Award nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers on this powerful song with a stunning production by producer Pete Mignola of Metrosonic Studios in New York.

For more info about Michael Stosic, visit his website.

Words and Music by Michael Stosic © 2015

Song Lyrics:

I believe in God
I believe He created the heavens and earth.
I believe He is Love.
I believe He knew me before my birth.
I believe we live in a world filled with darkness
I believe we can shine loves light.
This is what I believe.

I believe in His Son.
I believe that He came here to give me new life.
I believe in the cross.
I believe that He healed me by His stripes.
I believe I am saved because of forgiveness.
I believe there’s no greater love.
This is what I believe.

Do I walk in faith, do I walk in hope
Do I walk in love each stride.
Do I walk in mercy, do I walk in kindness
Do I walk by my brothers’ side.

I believe in love.
I believe that no matter our color of skin.
I believe we are one.
I believe that love and not hate will win.
I believe we should not repay evil for evil.
We will overcome evil with good.
This is what I believe.

I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
This is what I believe.

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