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Sarah Reeves is deeply passionate about writing and leading songs that keep people's hearts and minds set on Jesus, as is clear from her popular YouTube channel. Sarah has had over 16 million views of her beautiful covers of worship songs like "Oceans" and "Lord, I Need You" and her original songs "Faithful" and "Let it Echo" (which she cowrote with Jesus Culture). Although she has enjoyed singing worship covers on YouTube and songwriting for other artists, her personal ministry as an artist is falling back into place as she returns to making her own music. Sarah has recently signed a new recording contract with Word Records, part of the building excitement as she works on a new album. You might have heard Sarah singing her lead single "Nowhere" and "Faithful" at Winter Jam over the past few months.

Song Lyrics:

You don't, You don't condemn
You always see my best
You make me confident
Oh...You lift my head

There's nowhere that I can go
There's nowhere that I can hide
When I feel like I'm alone
Your love and my heart collide

You wipe away my tears
And disarm my every fear
My biggest champion You I run
To You I run

You pull me in
You pull me in
You pull me in close

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