Lost in the Smoke, approaches a nationwide issue that effects millions of families, from the heartbreaking role of a loving father. Broken homes are growing more popular and it’s something that we’ve experienced and have been left to deal with the repercussions.

Lead guitarist, Dan Hall, laid the groundwork with a lyrical concept that hit close to home. With two children under his wing, Dan has taken the role of a father that wishes to protect, love, and lead with a Godly passion. Lost in the Smoke, could be noted as a song to any son or daughter that is caught in the smoke from the fire that is a broken family. Also, a plea to stand strong, stay close, and not be blinded by the tragedy that they face. Our desire, with the release of this song, is to bring attention to the pain a child could face by the decisions their parents make. We strongly encourage any family to seek the help they need in order to make their spouse more welcoming to the idea of keeping their family together, and striving to have a loving, meaningful, selfless, and Godly home.
No lyrics found for the track "Lost In The Smoke" by Scarlet White. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Christian music releases in 2016.


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